Nasaruni Academy


Horizons Learning Foundation has been a partner and supporter of the Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls since 2014 through sponsored events and local fundraisers such Empty Bowls and other crowdfunding efforts.

Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls came into being in January of 2013, when 13 young girls from the surrounding Maasai community first gathered under a tree for instruction from their teachers. In the months prior, Alice Sayo had arranged for parent tea meetings to introduce the idea of girls education to the community. Initial interest spurred the hiring of two Maasai teachers and the cement foundation of the first classrooms was poured.

Nasaruni Academy is blessed with two full boards, one in Narok, and one in the USA. The local Nasaruni Community-based Organization, as it is known, approves budgets and expenditures, makes academic and operational decisions, contributes food and other funds, and generally makes running the school possible. This Narok Board is chaired by Alice Sayo, founder and Director of the Academy.

One of the top priorities of the US Board is to represent and meet the needs of the Maasai girls with a deep awareness of and understanding of their culture. To that end, we strive to always have Maasai Board members here in the States. Their contribution is invaluable in so many ways. Our efforts here have always been to support and make possible AliceĀ¹s dream, and the dreams of all of those Maasai girls and families. We work for them. The US Board primarily raises funds and awareness. They grant approval for capital improvements on the site, leaving the daily decision-making in the hands of the locals.