Horizons Learning Foundation Enrichment Program FAQ

What is the Horizons Learning Foundation Enrichment Program?

The HLF Enrichment Program provides supportive learning opportunities for Harrisonburg City and Rockingham County students in grades K- 5 in an effort to support families as the school districts enter another semester of virtual learning. This program is designed to support students in their virtual schoolwork and to compliment with further experiential learning and physical activity.

Where is the program located?

Horizons Edge Sports Campus: 325 Cornerstone Lane, Harrisonburg 22802. Horizons Edge is situated on a 40-acre campus and offers a large well-ventilated indoor sports facility that include multiple indoor and outdoor sports fields and courts, on-site pool, and ample breakout spaces for small group learning

What are the program options?

Enrichment Program students will balance a schedule of supervised time for schoolwork and activity. Time allotted for schoolwork will be based on the requirements set by local school districts for each grade level. Activities fill the remainder of the day and activity schedules are built by our experienced team of directors. Activities our Enrichment Program are meant to enhance, challenge, and build upon students’ work in the virtual classroom.

To accommodate all families in Harrisonburg and Rockingham county we are offering a variety of program options from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm (Check-in begins at 7:30 am):
a. Monday & Thursday
b. Tuesday & Friday
c. Mon/Thurs & Tues/Fri
d. Wednesdays can be added to options listed above

How many spots are available?

We are limiting the number of spots at each program location to allow for social distancing. An added benefit of limited enrollment is a focused mentor to student ratio throughout the grade levels. Students will be grouped by both age and online learning times.

Grades K – 1, mentor to student ratio 1:6 (Max group size of 12 total)

Grades 2 – 5, mentor to student ratio 1:8 (Max group size of 14 total)

Do you have any discounts?

Horizons Learning Foundation Enrichment Programs offer a 10% Sibling Discount! Families enrolling with two or more children are eligible for our Sibling Discount. The first child enrolls using our full rates and the Sibling Discount is applied to each additional child enrolled.

Do I have to pay all at once?

You can pay for the entire semester upon registration. We also offer a monthly payment plan that allows families to break up their payments into monthly installments. Must pay $250.00 deposit at time of registration. First monthly payment due January 1. 

Do you provide transportation?

We will not be offering transportation to/ from our Enrichment Program location. These programs requires parent drop off and pick up daily.

What if I cannot pick up my child by 3:00?

Each location offers an after school care program from 3:00 – 5:30 pm. The cost is $10 per day per child.

Families will be charged for late pickups at a the rate of one dollar for every minute past the standard pickup times. This is anytime after 3:15 for a standard program day and anytime after 5:30 for after care programing.

Is breakfast or lunch included?

Breakfast is included as part of the program, with the support of Harrisonburg City Public Schools. Lunch is also included, though students can bring their own lunches.

If your student has a food allergy that does not work with the meals provided by the school system you will need to pack a lunch to either supplement or replace the school lunch.

A daily snack is provided to all students and is included in the registration costs.

What is your cancellation policy?

Families who opt to cancel their registration will be charged a $250.00 cancellation fee per child.

If you would like to help support a family with limited resources that cannot afford the HLF Enrichment Program. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation and help the less fortunate.

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